First Year Youth Football Coach

First Year Youth Football Coach
Sweep Read Option Clinic

So you're the one who is taking over the youth football team this year and like any other first time youth football coach you have no idea where to start.

Find a Mentor

The toughest part about coaching is that it's really tough to know how to handle or do certain things unless you have a mentor or have coached under a good coach before. The vast majority of people don't get lucky enough to have been born in and grow up in a town that has a legendary football coach that they learned from. Even if you were lucky enough to have played under a great coach becoming a great coach yourself is a whole other animal.

Attend Football Clinics

The good news is there are plenty of coaches clinics you can attend, there are tons of online resources all over the place, and it isn't really difficult to shoot an email to a respected coach in your area. However, clinics are very expensive especially if you have to stay in a hotel and they are only available at a specific time and date.

Online Football Coaches Communities

Then there are the online resources but the problem with that is there is so much that you have to try to find what you are looking for and then there is no actual human to help you understand the Playbooks you just purchased. The online resources are only Playbooks. Lastly, if you choose to communicate with a coach via email or other means it's going to be difficult to set up and the meeting or meetings will have to be on their terms.
First Year Youth Football Coach
You need to know what you want to run, how to systematize it, how to teach and install it all, then you have to make it all understandable to the kids. You have to have practice plans, install guides for the kids and coaches, Playbooks, cheat sheets, scripting materials, and hand signals. The list goes on!

iCoach.FOOTBALL Membership

That's where we come in. We have created an online course for youth football coaches that walks you through every single step of installing, scripting, signaling in, practice planning, and how to call an Up Tempo No Huddle Spread Read Option Offense. This course will take you through every single aspect of this system and how to dominate with it!
The best part is you can work at your own pace, watch the videos on your own time, and as many times as you choose.
What if I have a question?
With the upper level courses you get 24 hour email support!
Becoming a Head Football Coach for the first time is difficult enough. Why waste time by trial and error with your kids. Use this proven system that all of our coaches love and preach about. We also have a FREE 3 Part Series on Offensive Line Training and a Web Clinic Replay on the Sweep Read Option.
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