How many times have you been in the middle of a drill or practicing a play looked down at the clock and said "WOW we spent way too much time on that?" It has happened to all of us. There is a solution! You have to use practice plans. Here's why...
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 Included are both Offensive & Defensive Practice Plan Templates that are Fully Editable and Customizable!
Not only that but we also give you our scripting templates for the 7 on 7, INSIDE RUN, GOAL LINE, & TEAM Sessions of Practice. If everything is pre-planned and all of the coaches have a practice plan there is no way you won't stay on track. The only thing you will need is a watch to keep track of periods. Which any digital watch or cell phone will do. And YES there's an App for that (TIMER+). Worst case scenario have someone run the periods on the scoreboard. 
 Timing is Key!
Our templates have slots for 20 periods, Stretching, and Pre-Practice. Everything will be planned down to the minute. This takes time to get used to incorporating in every practice but go watch any GREAT High School, College, or Pro Football Team practice. They have all of these things done for every practice. 
 There is nothing that will reduce your stress as a coach like knowing you got everything done at practice.
When practice ends, how would you like to know that everything was covered and docmunented? Instead of spending hours reflecting on the last practice you can focus on the next. Nothing to stop you from planning the next practice, which believe it or not will be easier to do because that stress and those extra thoughts won't be there all night distracting you.
More importantly than all of that is that now you will have a document to look back on and take notes on that will clearly and quicklly answer any questions you and your staff might have from the practice that day.
This will free up more time in meetings and give you more time to spend with your family.

Here's What You Get...
Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to see real results in practice and in games.
More Efficient.. More Organized...Happier Coaching Staff... More WINS!
Offensive Practice Plan Template
Fully Customizable Templates
  • These are the exact same Practice Plan Templates we have used with our teams for the past 10+ years.
  • Have you ever been to a GREAT High School, NCAA, or NFL Teams Practice? They always use Practice Plans. It is not a coincidence they WIN!
  • Your Assistant Coaches will all be on the same page. You can't do everything! Practice plans will let them not only help but learn and contribute to your system.
  • You simply do not have the coaches, resources or TIME to teach every single skill that your players will need on the field.
  • Practice Plans will help prevent trying to do TOO MUCH IN ONE PRACTICE which we are ALL guilty of.
  • We recommend 10 Periods of INDIVIDUAL Sessions per day.
  • Practice Plans will make sure that you FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS! It will also help you eliminate time wasted on creative ideas that pop up during practice. Write them down and put them on the next days plan if you want to see something. It is all about TIME MANAGEMENT!
  • By Scripting both Offense and Defense both sides of the ball will know what the other is doing on every single play.
Game Day Script (Call Sheet) Template
Fully Customizable Templates
  • Game day Scripts can not only make your team play faster but also be ready to call plays based on specific down and distance. Each game situation has its own place. If everything is organized and easy to find you can jump to the play for that situation then get right back on your normal script!
7 on 7 (Call Sheet) Scripts for Practice
Fully Customizable Templates
  • Scripting the plays you will run during 7 on 7 will GREATLY improve the time efficiency of your pratices.
  • We spend 3 Periods Per Day in 7 on 7.
  • Scripting in Practice also helps you prepare mentally to scripts for the games.
Inside Run and Goal Line (Call Sheet) Scripts for Practice
Fully Customizable Templates
  • This template will help you script for when you reach the inside run section of your Practice Plan.
  • We spend 3 Periods Per Day in Inside Run.
Team Session (Call Sheet) Script for Practice
Fully Customizable Templates
  • This is where most teams and coaches get caught spending too much time. If you have your Team Sessions Scripted you will be able to stay on pace and know exaclty what you liked and didn't like so that you can come back to it at the next practice of in the game.
  • This will greatly help you narrow down the number of plays you take into each game. 

Coach Cory Guidone | Ohio

“Coach Twiddy's system made it simple to teach the spread offense to my youth team. We were able to win our league the first two years we used the offense and were able to put up big numbers both on the scoreboard and the stat sheet. Any coach looking to play faster and run a spread style offense would benefit greatly from this system.”

Coach Jeff Price | Nebraska

“These offensive install materials are second to none! This course has the materials needed and offers many visual install videos which are very helpful because I am a visual learner. Coach Twiddy has also been more than helpful with any questions I have had and responses were very quick and thorough. Definitely worth the money if this is the offense you're looking for. I also keep getting updates with new materials that are also very helpful. Even if you aren't a coach this will be very helpful to understand what you are watching on Saturday's this fall.”

Coach Mike Turso | Washington

"We went from running about 45 plays a game to about 60 to 70 plays. Averaged about 35 points a game, got our 1st league title in 19 years. Spread them out, make the defense cover the whole field."

Coach James Miller | Germany

Ok coaches, we had our first outdoor, full pad training last Friday. During the scrimmage portion of our practice (30 minutes), we ran the no huddle for the very first time. We ran 43 plays in the 30 minute session. Guys are buying into the program 100%! Oliners at first were concerned about their stamina, but after last practice they are excited! They saw and sensed the uncertainty in the defense and it just got them hungrier!

Coach Jeff Twiddy | Founder & CEO | Game Plan Your Future, LLC

"For the past 10+ years we have been using the same practice plan templates. It keeps us on track and makes sure we do not spend more time on one drill than what we planned for." 
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