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What is iCoach.Football?
iCoach.Football is a Membership Site for Football Coaches. We provide courses, web clinics, and videos on anything and everything to do with running a football team and /or program. 
  • Courses - Our courses are not just playbooks! Every course is complete with Video Install Clinics, printable playbook, install practice plans, and you get all of the scripting and game planning materials you will need to master each system. Everything is organized and ready to use!
  • Drills - Drills you can use in practice for every age level and position group.
  • Private Forums - For All Your Coaching Questions & Discussion. Get access to the Private Forums where you can ask your questions directly to other experienced coaches.
And So Much More...
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Air Raid Course (Coming Soon)
Pro Pistol Course (Coming Soon)
Shotgun Wing - T Course (Coming Soon)
Single Wing Course LIVE!
Double Wing Course (Coming Soon)
Run & Shoot Course (Coming Soon)
4-4 Course LIVE!
 4-3 Course (Coming Soon)
 4-2-5 Course (Coming Soon)
 3-4 Course (Coming Soon)
3-3-5 Course (Coming Soon)
50 Course (Coming Soon)
4-6 Course LIVE!
Kick Off Cover Course (Coming Soon)
Kick Off Return Course (Coming Soon)
Punt Course (Coming Soon)
Punt Return Course (Coming Soon)
Field Goal Course (Coming Soon)
Coaching Your Coaches (Coming Soon)
Opponent Scouting Schedule Template LIVE!
O-Line Fundamentals LIVE!
QB Fundamentals LIVE!
RB / FB Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
WR / TE Fundamentals LIVE!
D-Line Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
LB Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
DB Fundamentals LIVE!
Take Your Game to the Next Level!
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Coach Allen | Texas

"When I say this program gave me everything I needed, it has EVERYTHING from install videos to handouts for o-lineman, recruiting information, and I also bought the weight training program. I would recommend this to any new coaches or coaches looking to become an offensive coordinator."

Coach Guidone | Ohio

“Coach Twiddy's system made it simple to teach the spread offense to my youth team. We were able to win our league the first two years we used the offense and were able to put up big numbers both on the scoreboard and the stat sheet. Any coach looking to play faster and run a spread style offense would benefit greatly from this system.”

Coach Turso | Washington

"We went from running about 45 plays a game to about 60 to 70 plays. Averaged about 35 points a game, got our 1st league title in 19 years. Spread them out, make the defense cover the whole field."

Coach Miller | Germany

"Ok coaches, we had our first outdoor, full pad training last Friday. During the scrimmage portion of our practice (30 minutes), we ran the no huddle for the very first time. We ran 43 plays in the 30 minute session. Guys are buying into the program 100%! Oliners at first were concerned about their stamina, but after last practice they are excited! They saw and sensed the uncertainty in the defense and it just got them hungrier!"
 I’m In! When Will I Get Access to the Member's Area?
INSTANTLY! You will be sent an email immediately with your login credentials.
 Is the Membership Area Mobile Friendly?
Everything in this Membership Site was designed to be mobile friendly. You can watch and view all of the material directly from your phone or tablet.

Which means if you have a question while out on the practice field or need to recall any of the information it is view-able right from your phone! 
 I Coach Youth Football. Is this for me?
Yes! Every course comes with both High School and Youth Versions. All drills and materials include both versions where necessary.
 Why was iCoach Created?
There are hundreds of places you can go on line and download playbooks. You can go on YouTube and get some pieces and parts video material. You can travel to clinics and learn drills and concepts. You can spend more time researching and going in circles than you actually do learning the system you want. We created iCoach.Football to put it all together. Our material is broken down into courses that teach you step by step how to install the system that you are looking for. Each course includes everything you need from hand signals to minute by minute practice plans to install your new system. They are literally like College Courses on how to install your system. 

So, why did we create iCoach? Because it didn't exist and it needed to!
 What does each course include?
    •  Playbook - Including Tips and Coaching Points
    •  Position Group Install Hand Outs - ex. O-Line Blocking Schemes vs Different Defenses
    •  Video Courses and Web Clinics - Step by Step System Installation
    •  How to Script for Your System - Practice and Games
    •  Hand Signals if Applicable - Make your system no huddle
    •  Drills for Each Position Group - Video
    • Private Coaching Forums - Ask questions and communicate with coaches that are running your system
    •  And So Much More...
      What Does a Single Course Look Like?
      this is what's included in our Up Tempo No Huddle Spread Read Option Offense Course
      and much MUCH MORE!
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